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Adult Tuition – help for Maths, IT and Website Training

I offer adult maths tuition, IT and website training. Each lesson or group of lessons is designed specifically for your needs.

Maths lessons can cover anything from everyday basic use of maths up to preparation for various exams (including GCSE, Functional Skills, Numeracy Skills tests for trainee teachers, Numerical Reasoning Tests for interviews etc).

Website training is ideal for anyone with their own website (or plans to create one). Whether your website is for a hobby, charity, or your own business, it is handy to know how to update and add your own content.

IT Training / Computing lessons can be tailored for the beginner user, for example in using technology to communicate with friends and family. Lessons in programming are also available.


I charge £40 per hour of tuition.

Lessons are available during week days, and some evenings. I offer online tuition over Zoom.

Don’t be shy – enquire today to see if I can create bespoke maths or IT skills lessons for you.

Online Lessons

All lessons are currently offered online only. Contact me to find out my availability.

"Nicola has been very supportive by helping me to fill in the blanks left over from my high school education. This has been crucial to improving my confidence in mathematics, which in turn is allowing me to work towards developing new skills which I can utilise in the workplace."

Mature student, Maths for the workplace

"Just to let you know I got my C maths grade finally and was accepted unconditionally in to uni for computer forensics last week. Thank you so much for your help I couldn't have passed without you."

Mature student, GCSE Maths (re-take)

"I approached Nicola to help me improve the skills required to pass numerical reasoning tests for graduate schemes. She was very friendly and professional and made the effort to fit me in as soon as she could. After a few sessions I felt much more confident in my ability and passed the required tests. She explains things very clearly and I'd highly recommend her tutoring service."

Mature student, Numerical reasoning tests for graduate jobs

Adult Maths Tuition

From basic maths to GCSE and other exams

Adult Maths

Maths covered can be refresher of basic maths concepts, from how to add/multiply etc for everyday maths skills, can be for taking professional exams, whether for teacher training or for other jobs where perhaps an online skills test (numerical reasoning) is required prior to interview.

Some of my previous clients have wanted help with the following:

– Preparation for nursing exams, focussing on methods for calculating and converting quanities of medicine

GCSE level geometry – missed / misunderstood at secondary school, and now needed for 3D vector work in the games industry

– Interpreting logarithmic data for use in the engineering industry

Everyday Maths

Did you hate maths at school? Perhaps there were some basic concepts you didn’t understand?

Do you feel flustered when working out maths in the supermarket, in the shop, or after going out for dinner with a group of friends?

Are you are a parent who wants to help their child with their maths homework, but you don’t understand the way they teach maths these days?

Don’t worry – I can help. I offer bespoke maths lessons, designed to work at your pace.

Maths GCSE

Maths GCSE – do you have an opportunity or a need to retake your GCSE maths? The syllabus might have changed since you took yours so you want some guidance.

Perhaps you have forgotten everything you learnt at school, or it never really made sense when you were younger?

One-to-one maths tuition can help you learn / relearn all the concepts, improve your confidence, and without any embarrassment you might feel with not “getting maths”.

Maths for interviews / skills for work

Do you have an interview coming up with a maths test? Will you have to read and quickly interpret data in order to answer a specific question? Will the test be taken at speed?

We work together through sample materials with the aim of improving your confidence, speed and ability at completing the questions.

Do you need to brush up your maths skills for work?

I help with various mathematical aspects, improving your confidence at work.

"Very knowledgeable, works at your pace, supportive, learning can be specific to your need or broad topic learning. Highly recommended!!"

Mature student, WordPress training

"Hi Nicola, so I managed to create my 2nd assignment poster, it went down very well at college! I'm getting much better at using the laptop! Thank you for your help!"

Mature student, Word and Windows training

"Before my sessions with Nicola, I had no idea of how to change anything on my own website apart from adding text on a blog. Over four sessions, I've moved from anxiety about doing anything at all on it to feeling MUCH more confident about using and updating my WordPress website and making it more relevant. I think I can manage to do what I want now, but I know that, if I bump up against any problems I can't solve, I'll be able to go back and get some really useful, practical support from Nicola. I'm delighted with how she's helped me."

Mature student, WordPress training

IT Training

One to one website training, basics of using technology and programming

IT Training

Computing skills can be basics on using computers for creating documents, sending emails, messaging with friends and family etc; or deeper into writing computer programs for university projects, for work or for home use.

Examples of previous tuition provided:

– Demonstrating how to edit and add content within WordPress

– Installing and configuring software on a specific piece of hardware used for watching TV

– Layout of tables in Word, formatting / organising / laying out of data in Excel

– Assistance with computing degree programming project

Website training

WordPress is a very popular platform powering over 30% of websites. Its popularity comes from the fact it is relatively easy to amend and add your own content, compared with more bespoke websites.

Would you like some help on how to do the basics? Do you want confidence in how to update your website without breaking it?

Do you feel ok with the basics but are unsure how to extend the functionality? Would you like help on how to change the formatting of your site? Perhaps you want some help with updating the software?

Over the years I have created numerous WordPress websites with my other business, Smiling Panda Web Design. I can share with you my expertise, providing hands-on help with your own website.

Using technology

Do you want help with using technology?

Would you like to know more about how to communicate with friends and family, but are confused with all the options? How do you use mail, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, messenger, etc, etc?

Are you struggling with creating and formatting documents, using applications like Word or Excel? Do you want to get more out of the technology?

I can help you or a friend / family member with using “everyday” technology. Lessons are usually one to one, but I can work with small groups to help understanding of a variety of technologies.


With a degree in computing science, and many years’ experience as a programmer, I can also help with deeper technology problems.

Typical work can be to help with university projects (although I won’t write the code!) or with upskilling into basic programming skills.

(Please note – I do not cover Computing GCSE but can assist with programming aspects involved for coursework)

Interested? Want to know more?

If you have any questions or want to find out my availability, please ask.