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Do you want help to retake GCSE maths?

Why retake GCSE maths?

There are lots of reasons why people need to retake their GCSE maths.

Usually it is to get that ‘pass’ grade to enable you to move on to something new. Are you aiming for a college course, a new job application, or promotion within your company?

Perhaps you want to prove to yourself that you CAN get that grade.

"Just to let you know I got my C maths grade finally and was accepted unconditionally in to uni for computer forensics last week. Thank you so much for your help I couldn't have passed without you."

Mature student, GCSE Maths (re-take)

"5th time lucky. She managed a 4. Thank you for your support. I am certain that that little extra push at the end helped her enormously. Many, many thanks!"

Year 13 student, GCSE Maths (re-take)

Why did you fail GCSE maths?

Why did you fail (or fail to get the grade you want)?

There are lots of reasons for why people fail their GCSE maths.

– lack of confidence

– misunderstanding in the way it was taught

– didn’t get on with the teacher at school

– learning difficulties

– health issues or other events in life

– not enough preparation

Morning / Lunchtime lessons

I offer lessons in the day (9.30am / 10.45am / 12 noon) and these can be allocated on a regular or ‘ad hoc’ basis, depending on availability.

Check my bookings page for availability in the month ahead, or contact me if you are looking for a regular place / something further ahead.

Current availability for morning / lunchtime lessons:

Various ad hoc slots available over the summer - checking Bookings page.
Regular slots coming up, on Wednesday and Thursday mornings, from September.
Contact me if interested.

What is a ‘pass’ these days?

Before 2017, a pass in GCSE maths (and maths ‘O’ level) was a grade C. Since 2017 this has changed to a new numbering system, with grades from 1-9, with a grade 9 being the highest.

A pass grade is now a 4 (“standard pass”) or a 5 (“strong pass”). Students who get less than a 4 are required to continue studying that subject (whether maths or English) as part of their post-16 education.

Colleges, universities and employers will set their own minimum grade requirement, but normally anything from a 4 or above.

Foundation vs Higher

If you are unfamiliar with the structure of GCSE maths, one point to note is that in any year there are two separate exams set (by each exam board). One is called ‘Foundation’ and the other is ‘Higher’.

The Foundation exam papers have easier questions but a maximum grade of 5. The Higher papers, while harder, allow for the maximum grade of 9.

For most people retaking their GCSE maths exam for the purposes of a ‘pass’, the advice is to opt to take the Foundation papers.

If you are looking to get beyond grade 5, you will need to sit the Higher papers.

There are 3 exam papers for both. One is non-calculator so you will be required to do basic arithmetic. The other two allow for use of a calculator so their questions tend to require more reasoning.

How do I sign up to retake GCSE Maths exam?

If you are still at school, entering sixth-form or other post-16 education, then you can register there to take the exam, alongside A levels or other qualifications.

If you are doing an apprenticeship, working or otherwise, you can register to retake GCSE Maths at a local approved college.

How can I help?

I have experience of working with many different students, some still at school and others who have returned to study after a number of years working.

I usually start with an informal assessment, which varies based on the circumstances. This is to give me an idea of where we need to start our focus.

I will work through specific topics as required, and aim to move on to working through past exam papers for plenty of practice.

I adapt lessons to meet your requirements – supporting you with college work if required.

"Great teaching, friendly, helpful and I’ve learnt loads compared to when I was taught Maths at school. Highly recommended!"

Mature student, GCSE Maths retake

How hard can it be to pass GCSE maths?

Possibly easier than you think – passing is within your grasp. For the November 2017 (Edexcel) Foundation GCSE maths, a mark of 113 out of 240 would get you a grade 4 – a pass.

What are you waiting for? Call me today to discuss how I can help you retake GCSE Maths. 

My weekly timetable is often full with regular lessons from mid-afternoon onwards (I tutor children as well) but I have availability during the daytime / lunchtime etc, and some evenings for a few ad hoc lessons.

All lessons are bespoke to fit your needs. Lessons are online via Zoom, at £44 per hour (£47 from 22nd July 2024). One or two lessons might be all you need, but I can tailor lessons for as many as you like to meet your goal.

You can see what immediate availability I have by checking out my Bookings page. It will only show for the next calendar month, but if you contact me we can make arrangements for a day and time that suits us both. A regular slot, if appropriate, can be arranged.

Nicola Bhalerao - Warwick Tutor

About Me

My name is Nicola Bhalerao and I am a private tutor based in Warwick. Since 2013, I have provided one-to-one tuition for children and adults. I specialise in maths tutoring, but cater for different requests, ranging from 11+ / entrance exams to various uses of maths, e.g. : interviews, job promotions, GCSE retakes, Functional Skills, nursing, teaching – any situation where confidence in maths is required.

My background is in computing, with a Computer Science degree from Warwick University. I have worked many years as a programmer, latterly in the games industry. Both my sons were tutored by me for the 11+ (they went to a local grammar school). I received training for teaching secondary school maths and I am fully CRB checked.

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