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Numerical Reasoning Tests – Maths for Interviews

What are Numerical Reasoning Tests?

Numerical Reasoning Tests are tests set by employers to test potential employees for their skills in dealing with numbers quickly and accurately. The tests check for the ability to interpret data and graphs, and often contain questions on percentages, ratios, number sequences and currency conversion.

They are usually set via computer, with a short amount of time to answer a lot of questions. Numerical Reasoning Tests are used as a pre-screening for interviews – if you don’t achieve a minimum grade you will not be invited to the interview stage.

Further tests can be set during interviews.

"I approached Nicola to help me improve the skills required to pass numerical reasoning tests for graduate schemes. She was very friendly and professional and made the effort to fit me in as soon as she could. After a few sessions I felt much more confident in my ability and passed the required tests. She explains things very clearly and I'd highly recommend her tutoring service."

Mature student, Numerical reasoning tests for graduate jobs

"I was able to get through the maths section ok, only one question that slightly stumped me!

Just heard back from them today and got the job! Thanks for all your help!"

Mature student, numerical reasoning test

"I felt it went really well. I really enjoyed the RANRA section. They were all questions we had worked through before so there was nothing unexpected. A couple I got flustered on, but I picked an answer then flagged- and actually had enough time to return to. I didn't run out of time this go!
So thank you, lots of the techniques definitely helped. I am feeling very confident, so fingers crossed!"

Mature student, numerical reasoning test (RANRA)

How to prepare for Numerical Reasoning Tests

– Which Numerical Reasoning Test Supplier?

They are not all the same, although the concepts tested are the same. Find out the Numerical Reasoning Test Supplier for the interview you are going for.

This is a list of known Numerical Reasoning Test Suppliers, with links to their websites

Cut-E (Aon)

Kenexa (now known as Watson Talent from IBM)



Talent Q

Rust Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal (RANRA) from Pearson – NHS Public Health Specialty Training

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– Print out sample questions, try to tackle first on paper

Make sure you understand how to answer the questions, initially without the pressure of limited time. Questions often look harder to handle on-screen, but familiarity with the format can help.

– Use the online practice tests for that supplier

Most test suppliers provide online practice tests. Use them and practise lots

Another source of practice tests is JobTestPrep where they have some free resources too. 

– Where are your weaknesses?

Look at those maths topics you are struggling with. Are you up to speed with your mental arithmetic? Although calculators are usually allowed, can you work quickly without relying completely on one?

Where do I step in?

I have helped students prepare for numerical reasoning tests (maths for interviews) and pass.

With the material appropriate for your Numerical Reasoning Test supplier, I help you decipher and understand how to answer the questions.

I offer tips and strategies on how to speed up your methods and make sure your techniques are reliable. Perhaps there are fewer steps than you realise, or maybe you need a more structured approach so that you don’t lose track of the calculations.

If there are areas you are unfamiliar or unsure of, I demonstrate how to do, and boost your confidence when you find out you can do them.

"Nicola has been excellent, very flexible and spent time preparing and tailoring her lessons specific to my development. Thanks!"

Mature student, numerical reasoning test

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